Providing Medical Equipment and Machine Like the Suction Machine Portable That’s Too Important for Medical Care

Health care in the Philippines has made a good stride providing important medical equipment like the suction machine portable readily available in hospitals and clinics countrywide. The dearth of skillful medical practitioners and needed medical equipment had long been addressed to provide comprehensive treatment for patients especially to indigent members of society.

In this article, we will provide you with the list of the standard set of equipment that hospitals around the country should have so that hospitals could carry their mandate of providing quality medical care to all Filipinos.


This is the basic medical equipment that all hospitals should have. It’s very important particularly during emergencies when transporting patients.

Anesthesia Machines

This medical device is used to deliver needed and continuous supply of life-sustaining gases to patients.

Ventilator Machine

Patients with breathing problems such as acute respiratory distress are assisted by a ventilator machine which is designed to provide respiration for a patient. This piece of machine is often used in some surgical procedures and the intensive care unit.

Infant Weighing Scale

One of the most important equipment in all hospitals in the neonatal units where medical care for newborn infants is provided. This is where you’ll find the simple and yet essential device as the infant weighing scale. The device is used to monitor the weight of infants as well as the adequacy of nutrition and fluid balance of infants. It is also very essential for the management of very low birth weight babies.


It is very vital that all hospitals maintain the needed cleanliness in it is surrounding and most importantly on surgical tools and other medical items it uses on some medical procedures.  Hospitals usually use a medical autoclave to sterilize equipment and supplies to ensure the sterility of an object.

Surgical Tables

These very essential pieces of hospital equipment are used for all surgical procedures. Patients are prep on these tables before and during surgical operations.  After the procedure, patients rest on surgical tables for their recovery.

X-ray machines

X-ray machines are very important in most medical procedures. It is used to create an image of the inside of the body which helps doctors diagnose a patient, particularly for bone fractures. The most hospital uses x-ray film carestream for various applications such as radiography and orthopedic.

These and more medical equipment are crucial to the success in maintaining the quality health care needed by Filipinos. It is inspiring to know that our health care program is constantly improving and answering the medical needs of the people.

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