Proper Sterilization of Medical Tools Using Cidex Solution

Cidex solution has been one of the most trusted sterilizing agents in the medical field. It is frequently used for cleaning and sterilizing medical tools especially those used in the operating room. And medical personnel, whether you’re a doctor, nurse or hospital staff, have the proper knowledge on the use of this chemical disinfectant. More so if you’re a student looking to work in hospitals and the like.

Cidex Solution

Cidex is a high level disinfectant for immersible items. It is necessary for the item to be disinfected to come in full contact with the Cidex solution, not leaving any surface of the item unsubmerged in it.

Containing 2.4% glutaraldehyde, which is a colorless liquid with pungent odor, Cidex is one of the most trusted disinfectant in hospitals and clinics because of its characteristics.

  • It achieves high level disinfection in 20 minutes at 20°C making it highly effective.
  • It is a long lasting solution which is reusable for up to 14 days and can be monitored with Cidex Solution Test Strips.
  • It is compatible with and can be used on a wide range of instruments including the Welch Allyn 60813.

Cidex can safely and effectively disinfect different instruments, including those made of aluminum, brass, copper, stainless steel and plastics. And is highly effective against bacteria, mycobacteria, fungi and viruses.

Proper Sterilization Process

There are many disinfecting solutions used in medical institutions for the safety of patients, medical practitioners and staff. Proper disinfection and sterilization, not only of medical equipment and tools but also of patients’ rooms and certain areas of the hospital are required to be able to fully provide the effective and appropriate treatment that clients deserve.

To completely eradicate bacteria and other disease causing organisms, proper disinfection with Cidex and a portable autoclave machine is essential. Then, strictly follow the manufacturer’s instructions on the solution’s label.

  • Clean the items to be sterilized before sterilizing to ensure effectiveness.
  • The recommended soaking time is within 10-45 minutes.
  • Completely immerse the items to be disinfected in the solution.
  • Rinse the equipment in sterile water after soaking in Cidex and protect from re-contamination until used.

Prior to the sterilization process, safety of the personnel should be observed. Personal safety or protective equipment must be worn at all times. This will include a lab gown, rubber gloves, eye shields and a face mask.

We should always be armed with adequate knowledge when handling chemical products. And to ensure safety, only use products from trusted companies.

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