X-Ray Developer Automatic, CARESTREAM X-OMAT

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RP X-OMAT developer and replenisher is our highest-quality, most versatile diagnostic film developer. Part of Carestream Health’s medical imaging solutions, this high-performance developer, suitable for both rapid and standard processing, is specially formulated for superb results with films for: general radiography, laser imaging, application-specific imaging, oncology, mammography, and works with other manufacturers’ general radiography films.

Versatility and diagnostic confidence
Recommended for all Carestream diagnostic films. Its versatility simplifies developer inventory and standardizes processing techniques.

Excellent Stability
Promotes consistency when newly mixed developer is added to existing solution. Two-year shelf life allows purchase in bulk to cut costs.

Cuts Replenishment—Up to 40%
RP X-OMAT developer and replenisher has lower chemistry and disposal costs, less waste and can be used with all T-grain emulsion films, such as T-MAT, INSIGHT, and X-SIGHT films.

Technical Information
pH (at 80°F / 27°C) 10.22 to 10.38
Specific Gravity (at 70°F / 21°C) 1.081 to 1.091

Replenishment Rates
General and Laser* Replenishment Rate per 35 x 43 cm Film
High 60 ml
Medium 80 ml
Low 100 ml
Mammography Replenishment Rate per 18 x 24 cm Film
Min-R EV/Min-R 2000 Plus/Min-R S Low, Medium and High 30-35 ml

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