Soda Lime (4.5kg), SEDASENZ


Packaging: 1 Barrel

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Sedasenz Soda Lime is used to absorb carbon dioxide in a closed breathing environment to prevent carbon dioxide retention which could lead to carbon dioxide poisoning.

Features and Benefits:

  • A granular mixture of calcium hydroxide with sodium hydroxide and color indicator
  • White color changes to purple
  • Granule hardness is 99%
  • 3% moisture absorption

Complete assembly of components which connects the patient’s airway to the anesthetic machine creating an artificial atmosphere from and into which the patient breaths.

Features and Benefits

  • Universal connectors for end user’s efficiency.
  • Flexible circuits for end user’s efficiency.
  • Universal elbow connector with gas sampling port of fresh air inlet.
  • With extra limb for added connection.
  • 1 piece reservoir bag to meet the peak inspiratory flow requirements.