Nanometer Mist Spray, NANO


Packaging: 1 box

  • Nano Spray
  • USB port
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Nano Water Face Mist Spray. The Mini Handy Mist Facial Nano Water Sprayer is equipped with high-tech chip control, producing a finer mist that quickly enters the skin pores, reducing wrinkles, relieving skin irritation, and also promoting skin metabolism and improving skin pigmentation.

  • Nanometer spray supplement instrument
  • Water tank capacity – 30mL
  • Battery -Polymer Battery 450mah
  • Power- 3.15W
  • Made in china


  1. Please use mineral water.
  2. Can’t use Cestar, distilled water. It is prohibited to use high-solubility make-up water.
  3. State of charge red light long, full power Lamp off