Suction Pump Manual


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Expiry Date: 2023

  • Suction Pump assembly
  • Suction tube Adult (O.D. : 17mm)
  • Suction tube Pedia (O.D. : 9mm)
  • Suction tube Fr.12 (O.D. : 4mm)
  • Suction tube Fr.14 (O.D. : 4.67mm)
  • Disposable Adaptor (For Fr.12 & Fr.14 Suction tube)
  • Softcase

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Usage: mainly used for sputum suction, pus suction, blood-sucking and other suction use at all kinds of hospitals.
Features: because of its small size, light weight, portable, simple operation, can be used no powder, particularly suitable in remote areas without powder supply, rural hospitals, home care, field first aid no power clinical.

Suction can adjustable
50% can use child
100 can use adult

1)Fr 12 Catheter connection
Diameter: 4mm

2)Fr 14 Catheter connection
Diameter: 4.67mm

3)Child Catheter connection
Diameter: 9mm

4)Adult Catheter connection
Diameter: 17mm

1. Limit negative pressure: ≥0.04MPa
2. Peak flow rate: ≥20L/min
3. Great storage solution bottle capacity: 200ml
4. Dimensions: 17*5*18cm
5. Weight: 200G