Hearing Aid Rechargeable


Packaging: 1 Set

  • 5 pieces Silicone Earplugs
  • Adaptor w/ Cord
  • Charging Dock Station
  • Hearing Aid
  • Cleaning Brush
  • Manual

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China Digital Rechargeable BTE hearing aid, Hot sale Rechargeable mini hearing aids

1,Maximum saturation pressure (± 4dB): 130

2,The gain: (46 ± 5dB)

3,Frequency range: (Hz): 100-5500

4,The equivalent input noise: (± dB) ≤ 28

5,Harmonic distortion rate (%): ≤ 4

6,Continuous working time: (H) ≥ 10

7,Battery capacity: 40MA battery is a rechargeable battery


Sound amplifier helps to amplify sound up to 30x with low background noise.
Inbuilt battery convenient to recharge.
There is no battery required to replace again.
Fully charged replaceable artery can stand up to 8-10 hours continues use.
Best hearing keep the ear tips clean and replace.
Interchangeable ear tips to seal out the noise.

Please place the product directly inserted in the black box on the product without electricity.
Put the power into the DC jack, charging the black box on the exhibit of lanterns lit.
Continues use time long, during the day, don’t worry he will not be without electricity.
Choose the suitable for your earplugs, and then switch to ON open state, and then to turn the volume switch to your dB.
When you sleep or take a shower when you put him down, will hit the OFF switch off state, so can long use time.
Do not place the product in water or moist places.

Material: Plastic
Color: skin color
Size: 14.5*6*10.5cm

Charging time: approx. 3 hours

Working time: 8-10 hours