Glucometer, GCU 3in1 Monitor EASYLIFE


Packaging: 1 Set/Box

  • GCU Meter
  • 10pcs Glucose Strips
  • 2pcs Cholesterol Strips
  • 10pcs Uric acid Strips
  • User Manual
  • Quick Instruction Guide
  • 25pcs Sterile Lancets
  • Lancing Device
  • Carrying Bag
  • Check Strip
  • 2pcs Batteries
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Faster test times, smaller blood samples, and a larger memory capacity to store more results compared to the previous EasyLife GCU monitoring system.

EasyLife GCU Plus is a self testing kit used to monitor blood Glucose, Cholesterol and Uric Acid levels.

Measuring Capacity
Glucose- 450 tests
Cholesterol- 50 tests
Uric acid- 50 tests

Measuring Time:.
Glucose- 6 seconds
Cholesterol- 50 seconds
Uric acid- 6 seconds

Blood Sample:
Glucose >8uL
Cholesterol >10uL
Uric acid >8uL