Elastic Bandage Cold Wrap


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Reduce swelling quickly and easily with this disposable Cold Wrap. Cool compression gives instant relief from swelling and pain.

  • Dimensions 4″ x 102″
  • Elastic Bandage with Clips
  • Great for ankles, knees, wrists or elbows
  • Easy and quick to use
  • Give support with the cooling sensation

1. Open pouch and remove moist bandage.

2. Wrap around affected area, stretching bandage enough to provide comfortable compression which is not too restrictive.

3. In order to allow cooling mixture in bandage to evaporate effectively, do not overlap bandage too many times.

4. Adhere loose end of bandage in place with secure clips

5. Inspect treated area every 15 minutes.

For re-use: Re-roll the bandage, put it back in the packaging, and add 4-5 tbsp. water; seal the package tightly. Do not refrigerate. Reusable 1 time.