Compression Stocking Thigh High, LINEAR


Packaging: 1 Pair

  • Open-toe
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Thigh High


Color: Beige

Prevent intravascular venous hypertension
Promote nous blood recirculation
Treat varicose veins

Medical compression hosiery for varices varicose vein stocking.

  • Nylon and Spandex
  • Anti skid dots: Silicon
  • Pressure level: Class II : 23-32mmHg

Class II :
Apply to the patients who have obvious varicose veins of the lower limbs (venous vessels protrude from the surface of skin when
standing) accompanied with leg discomfort (such as aches, fatigue or swelling in the lower limbs, itching of the eczema, cramping
and numbing, pigmentation, etc.), patients with phlebitis, persons with serious varicose veins, patients after surgery of varicose
veins (great and small saphenous vein dissection surgery), and patients with syndrome after the formation of deep venous

Small   : CB 18-22cm,  CB1 24-28cm,  CC 30-39cm,  CD 29-38cm,  CF 49-63cm,  CG 57-73cm
Medium : CB 23-25cm,  CB1 29-31cm,  CC 33-42cm,  CD 32-41cm,  CF 53-66cm,  CG 61-76cm
Large: CB 26-28cm,  CB1 32-34cm,  CC 36-45cm,  CD 35-44cm,  CF 57-70cm,  CG 65-78cm
XL: CB 29-32cm,  CB1 35-38cm,  CC 39-48cm,  CD 38-47cm,  CF 62-75cm, CG 72-80cm

Small: IG 62-65cm,  IF 52-54cm,  IE 39-41cm,  ID 34-35cm,  IC 26-27cm,  IB1 18-19cm,  IB 10cm
Medium: IG 66-68cm,   IF 55-57cm,  IE 42-43cm,  ID 36-37cm,  IC 28-29cm,  IB1 19-20cm,  IB 10-11cm
Large:   IG 69-72cm,  IF 58-60cm,  IE 44-46cm,  ID 38-39cm,  IC 30-31cm,  IB1 21-22cm,  IB 11-12cm
XL:  IG 73-77cm,  IF 61-64cm,  IE 47-79cm,  ID 40-41cm,  IC 32-33cm,  IB1 22-23cm,  IB 12-13cm