Colostomy Bag w/ Wafer


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  • Colostomy Bag
  • Skin Barrier
  • Clamp Closure
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Ostomy Bag

  • Before sticking hydrocolloid skin barrier, make sure that the skin around the stoma is dry and clean. It is better to make the skin around the stoma smooth before using the ostomy bag and press the skin barrier for minutes to enhance the adhesive ability.
  • Please shave the hair if there is too much hair around stoma, or the ostomy bag can not stick well on the skin and folliculitis will occur.
  • Please only clean the stoma from inside to outside with lukewarm water, do not use disinfector soap or greasy detergent.
  • The hole of skin barrier should be 1-1.5mm bigger than the stoma other wise bleeding of mucous membrane of skin maceration will be caused.
  • If there is swelling for the ostomy bag ,there is too much intestinal inside the bag, please make some small pinholes one the bag and add active carbon filter,
  • The ostomy bag should be stored in dry room with temperature between 15-25°C ,  it should not be stored in more than 40°C environment, moist area or refrigerator.
  • Please put the ostomy bag into clean bag and throw it into dustbin. Please do not throw it into the toilet directly.