BP Aneroid adult, MTI


Packaging: 1 Set/Box

  • BP Cuff with Inflation
  • BP Gauge
  • BP Bulb

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The MTI-France sphygmomanometer is nothing like the cheap, low quality and almost disposable kind of units available in the market today.


  • Consists of a glow in the dark manometer gauge to help the user see the readings despite limited light,
  • Has thicker rubber inflation bag and bulb
  • Highly durable calibrated Velco nylon adult cuff
  • Inside a special vinyl zipper case
  • High quality materials


  • 0-300mmhg gauge
  • Stainless inner components
  • Curved plastic glass
  • Thick rubber inflation bag
  • Adult size cuff and bag
  • individually numbered gauge

Country of Origin: China