Baby Intensive Care Incubator, BB100 (Model Unit)


Packaging: 1 unit

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Standard Configuration:

  • Main body
  • Including the transparent hood
  • control system
  • infant bed
  • water trough
  • I. V. Pole
  • mattress
  • support bracket
  • castors

This is our showroom model unit. Incubator is brandnew and unused.

We did some painting retouch on the unit.

1. Microprocessor based servo controlled temperature system

2. Temperature displayed by LED

3. Alarm functions: Power failure; Over temperature; Temperature deviation; Temperature sensor failure; Fan failure;

4. >37 °C temperature setting

5. A keypad lock prevent inadvertent changes the setting

6. A second thermal cut-off function for more safety

7. Humidity is adjustable in two grades

8. Heating power displayed on panel

9. The infant bed inclination angle is adjustable

10. Trough for pulling and pushing, which is convenient to add water and wash

11. Fan with low noise and long life-span

12. Temperature deviation and over temperature could be amended in front panel directly

13. Silence/reset button for alarms

14. Six operating windows, two sides’ access operating windows can be swiveled

15. Support bracket

16. Heater is electrically cut-out if air temperature inside incubator exceeds 40 °C