Prevent Stoma Complications and Manage Your Convatec Colostomy Properly

Suffering from a condition that forced you to undergo surgery and coming out with a stoma on your stomach is a life-changing situation. And if that is not already hard enough, dealing with a complication from this status will make you go from worse to worst. To be able to cope, you need all the information you can get and learn how to manage your Convatec colostomy properly so you don’t have to suffer even more. Once you get the hang of it, you can go on with your life as you previously did.

First thing you need to do is learn about the complications that you can acquire if problems arise regarding your colostomy. Here are some of it.

  • Parastomal hernia
  • Stoma trauma
  • Mucocutaeneous separation
  • Stoma necrosis
  • Stoma prolapse
  • Stoma retraction
  • Stoma stenosis

These complications can be very serious and would require urgent medical attention. Be sure to steer clear from them and manage your colostomy well if you don’t want to come face to face with a Welch Allyn 60813 for another operation.

Colostomy Care

  • You need to identify the right type of colostomy bag for your stoma and know when and how to change it. Empty the bag to remove waste regularly. It would be better if you stick to a routine of changing and cleaning it.
  • Avoid heavy lifting and support your abdomen when sneezing or coughing after your operation. You should be able to get back to your usual activities and fully recover after at least 3 months.
  • Be careful with your diet especially if you are in public. Some food can cause a smelly feces and you would not want to deal with it in a place with lots of people. You can make use of charcoal filters of pouch deodorizers, though.
  • Don’t irritate the skin around your stoma. Keep it clean and dry especially when changing the bag. You can use protective creams to prevent skin complications.

It is common to struggle with handling your colostomy at first. After all, you are not familiar with it yet. You can always use Top Care adult diapers to prevent leakage until you get things under control.

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