Protect Yourself in the Medical Setting, Wear a Lab Gown and other Personal Protective Equipment

Personal safety is a priority when you are in the medical field. You don’t always know what kind of diseases you are exposed to, especially in the emergency area. You can come face to face with a contagious diseases that can cost you your health. This is why wearing personal protective equipment like a lab gown and gloves is crucial.

Personal protective equipment, commonly referred to as PPE, are those equipment worn to prevent or minimize the harmful effects of certain hazards that you may encounter in your workplace, especially when you are in the medical industry where many things can lead to a dangerous health situation. enter

These equipment gloves, safety glasses or goggles, face masks or respirators, and lab gowns or coveralls.

Specifically, these equipment provide these benefits to the one wearing them.

  • Eye and face protection. Safety goggles, masks and the like offer protection to the face where harmful material can come in contact with. These PPE, when worn effectively, is quite important since substances that can cause serious diseases can enter the eyes, mouth, nose and ears and get into your bloodstream.

Take, for example, handling a Convatec colostomy, where you come in contact with another person’s body wastes. If you don’t protect yourself and wear PPE, you will certainly acquire bacteria found in these wastes and fall ill.

  • Hand and skin protection. As a medical practitioner, you are also exposed to certain chemicals, especially if you are assigned in the laboratory. Some of these chemicals can cause burns. When handling these substances in test tubes and using a single test tube holder, gloves are necessary so you don’t suffer when something goes amiss.

Cleaning substances with potent chemicals like the Cidex solution would also require you to  wear gloves and full PPE so as not to acquire damage to your skin. This is a common scenario in  the operating room where staff cleans and sterilizes items used during surgery.

Wearing PPE is required in the workplace when you are exposed to environmental hazards. It is not only hospitals that require them but also construction sites and other working areas.

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