Know The Ambu Bag Cost in the Philippines, Have it On Hand and Use it to Save a Life

The Ambu bag cost in the Philippines is widely researched because of its importance in emergency cases. Not only is it used in the hospital setting or in medical centers, but also in homes, schools and offices.

Since emergencies cannot be predicted and more and more people are having breathing problems, it is only understandable that you should have an Ambu bag on hand. You will never know when you will face an emergency where you need to resuscitate someone.

And so, knowing about the Ambu bag is essential in this age.

All About The Ambu Bag

Although the Ambu bag is not known to everyone, most people know its importance in cases of medical emergencies, especially when you or a family member have been admitted in the hospital setting. This tool, which is a squeezable bag with a face mask, is known to help people breathe.

If you ever had a patient who needed resuscitation in the hospital setting, you may have been exposed to the Welch Allyn 60813. This is a laryngoscope that is used to attach a tube to a patient’s trachea to facilitate breathing by squeezing air into the lungs. The tube is then connected to the Ambu bag for manual breathing or attached to a ventilator.

Having an oxygen and owgels available is a plus.

The Ambu bag can definitely save a life since it helps in the vital task of breathing.

However, proper use of this device should be known in order to get the expected benefit.

  • You need to position the patient properly.
  • An appropriately-size mask is essential to deliver the right amount of air.
  • The mask should be sealed to the patient’s face.
  • Ventilate the patient immediately.

With this knowledge, you can help save someone whose breathing has been compromised.

You do need to clean the Ambu bag very well and use a portable autoclave machine for the device as it is needed to effectively sterilize it. The Ambu bag costs from Php 2,200 on Philippine Medical Supplies.

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