How You Can Improve Your Life With A Portable Oxygen Concentrator

An oxygen concentrator is a device that pulls in air from its surroundings and filters out the nitrogen, leaving a mixture made up mostly of oxygen. Air is made up of 78% nitrogen, 21% oxygen and 1% carbon dioxide and other trace gases. In order for air to be breathed in comfortably and effectively by those with pulmonary and respiratory illnesses, oxygen will need to be in greater concentrations than just the 21% present in normal air.

Sources of concentrated oxygen

Sure, you can always use an oxygen tank. But these are bulky and you can’t move very well if you are attached to a 6-foot tank via a mask and tube. You can use smaller tanks but these only have enough pressurized content to be effective for a few hours at the most. There are oxygen concentrators that are designed for hospital or home use but, again, they are very bulky and would not be easy to move around.

Portable oxygen for people on the go

Portable oxygen concentrators or POCs are small enough to be lugged around, like luggage with wheels. If you watched the most recent iteration of the film “The Fault In Our Stars”, then you would get an idea. They provide enough concentrated oxygen to tend to a person’s respiratory needs, as long as there is electricity to power the compressor. Solar-powered concentrators are now being developed in order to extend its effective time and range. They can be brought onto a plane, a ship, or a car and can sit next to the patient, enabling people with otherwise debilitating respiratory illnesses to enjoy the outside world.

Costs less than oxygen tanks in the long run

When you are using oxygen tanks, you will have to purchase new tanks and supplies when the oxygen runs out or the peripherals become dirty. This means that you will have recurring costs on the tubes, peripherals, and supplies, as well as on deliveries. POCs, on the other hand, will only have recurring costs on supplies and filters, which will help you save money over time.

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