Healthcare and Medical Supplies – Drug Testing Kit

Drug Testing Kit
For professionals in the healthcare industry, a drug testing kit will be a familiar item.  These kits can be used to identify a wide range of drugs in the body, including both legal and illegal substances.  The range of drugs identifiable varies according to individual kit’s specifications, with Phil Medical Supplies supplying two types of kit able to identify multiple drugs and metabolites in the body through a urine test.

Sterilizer and Autoclave
Other very common pieces of medical equipment found in healthcare facilities are a sterilizer and an autoclave. In addition to healthcare professionals, these pieces of equipment can be found in dental practises, beautician shops, tattoo studies and anywhere that requires to clean equipment to avoid transmitting germs from person to person.  Both autoclaves and sterilizers perform the same function, to clean equipment, but the process is different.  An autoclave uses steam for the sterilizing process, whereas a sterilizer many use a variety of other elements to carry out the sterilization process.  Ultimately, the end result is the same , perfectly sterile and safe equipment. Phil Medical Supplies have a range of both types of equipment available.

Dissecting Kit
All medical students will be very familiar with the dissecting set. These sets are used for the dissection of animal and plant organisms. They vary in contents, but often include a variety of tools such as scissors, spatulas, scalpels, different types of needles, forceps, tubes and a ruler.

vacutainer is a glass tube with a colour coded rubber stopper used to facilitate the collection of blood samples.  The rubber stopper creates a vacuum, thereby guaranteeing the integrity of the sample contained within. The colour of the stopper is coded to indicate the blood additive in the sample tube.

Bathroom Scales
A set of bathroom scales is an essential piece of equipment for those looking to lose weight, or those who are simply interested in managing their weight.  These scales come in a range of styles and designs, including cartoon designs.  They are either mechanical or digital. Both types can be found on Phil Medical Supplies website.

The range of medical supplies and equipment available varies according to specific user requirements, with many items used not only in the healthcare industry but in other types of organisation and even in homes.

If you would like to see the full range of medical supplies and equipment available at Philippine  Medical Supplies.