First Aid Kit and What to Do for Fall Injuries in the Elderly

According to statistics, one third of the population aged 65 and above suffer from falls each year. But since many of these cases go unreported or even unrecognized by family members and caregivers, the number can be significantly higher. Thus, a first aid kit should always be ready and treatment should be learned for such cases because of its high prevalence.

And the people who should be educated about this are the primary caregivers and those that are always with the elderly family member.

Now, what should be in the first aid kit and what first line of treatment should be given for fall injuries in the elderly?

First Aid for Fall Injuries

First aid kits should always be complete and easily found in case an emergency transpires. And in cases of falls, these supplies should be readily available in the kit:

  • Stethoscope
  • BP apparatus
  • Bandages
  • Alcohol
  • Betadine Solution and other antiseptic
  • Ice pack and warm compress

If an elderly person suffers a fall, check if he is seriously hurt and immediately call an emergency response team. If no serious injury is suspected, help the person up and let him sit in a wheelchair Philippine for easier transportation. Then treat any minor wounds, as well as bumps or bruises.

Let the elderly rest comfortably and monitor his condition. If anything untoward happens, call a doctor or bring him to the hospital right away.

Prevention of Fall in the Elderly

As they say, prevention is better than cure. And it is definitely better to prevent fall injuries rather than treat them when they happen.

So, how do you prevent such situations?

  • Using a bedside commode Philippine for the elderly is effective in reducing the cases of fall injuries since it eliminates a trip to the toilet where slippery floors lead to accidents.
  • Using high-quality mobility aids like canes Philippine and walkers that are strong and can support the walking needs of senior people is very helpful in restoring independence without putting safety at risk.
  • Placing the side rails up while the elderly are in bed prevents falls while sleeping or resting.
  • Remove any hazards, such as furniture, around the house that can cause you’re elderly to trip and fall.
  • Let your elderly wear shoes that are not slippery and fit snugly, especially during walks.
  • Keep your place well lighted so they can see clearly.
  • Always have someone watching over the elderly so they can assist if ever help is needed.

These are simple ways but they are quite effective in preventing fall injuries from hurting your elderly loved ones.

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