Explore Medical Supplies Like Ambu Bag Cost with Philippine Medical Supplies

The development of the health industry in the Philippines has given way to Filipinos learning more about medical supplies and checking Ambu bag cost, for one. Knowing about these supplies and equipment and their corresponding prices helps them prepare for medical emergencies, especially when they are in the medical field or interested to pursue a career in medicine and the like.

Many medical things such as bedridden patient supplies are available online and easily acquired. If you have the funds for it, it would be better to have these and other emergency supplies at home, for when you have a sick family member, a bedridden patient or in preparation for an accident or emergency. You never know when you’re gonna these items.

So it is better to explore these things now to be better prepared for the future.

Common Medical Items and their Prices

Although the Philippines has yet to acquire advanced medical equipment for health centers and district hospitals, there are already tertiary hospitals in cities that offer world-class medical procedures and services. This is a great big step in the medical industry for a third-world country such as the Philippines.

The improvements in our nation cannot be denied. And the Filipino’s thirst for knowledge is increasing each day. More so when it comes to health and medicine.

So, let us learn about the common medical supplies that we are likely to encounter one of these days.

  • Stethoscope – this is one of the most common devices used in the health industry. Doctors and nurses use it to check vital signs and auscultate organs to check their condition. It is recommended to have one at home. The Littmann stethoscope classic III price is at Php6850.00.


  • BP Apparatus – everyone is likely to have encountered a BP app. This device checks a person’s blood pressure for a variety of reasons. Now there are digital BP apps that you can use with just the press of a button. Its price starts at Php1,200.00.


  • Ambu Bag – this is an emergency device which is used for a person who is not breathing. You can get it for Php2,200.00.


  • Nerve Stimulator – the Omron stimulator is priced at Php4,000.00 and is used to stimulate nerves and muscles to relieve tension, pain and other problems.

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