Common Laboratory Supplies for Student’s Practical Exams: The Single test Tube Holder and More

Being a student, whether for a medical career or not, requires familiarity and knowledge about certain laboratory items such as the test tubes and single test tube holder, beakers and more. In high school, you will need introduction to these things in preparation for college. And in college, specific courses will have you dealing with these items on a daily basis. More so when you enter a medical course and get into the medical field.

With the countless medical and laboratory supplies used in school and in the medical field, you will definitely need a head start in learning about them, especially if you plan on having a medical career.

Common Laboratory Items in School

Subjects in school such as chemistry and physics require passing a practical exam in order to get an average to high mark. Failing these tests is not an option. Practical exams are a prerequisite to graduation.

And you will be happy to acquire knowledge from these once you enter your choice of career.

So, aside from the lab gown, what are the common laboratory equipment that you need to have and familiarize yourself with?

  • Test tubes and test tube holders – items used for mixing chemicals and monitoring a reaction.
  • Beakers and flasks – used for holding and measuring fluids and chemicals.
  • Petri dish – glass or plastic lidded dish used to culture cells.
  • Microscope
  • Portable autoclave machine – a device used for steam sterilizing equipment and objects.
  • Burette – used for transferring fluids, especially in titrations.

These some of the most common items and equipment that students get exposed to in some of their subjects.

You will also need to learn how to clean your supplies with Cidex, an effective, high level disinfection solution. Proper and safe use of this disinfectant is needed to achieve sterilization, especially when students use it.

If you plan to become a medical technologist, scientist or other science and medical profession, you need not only learn about them but have an in-depth knowledge and understanding of their uses. It would be even better to have your own supplies of laboratory items. And you can get all these at Philippine Medical Supplies.

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