Chemistry and Practical Tests? Try These Hacks on Using Supplies Like the Single Test Tube Holder

Every student goes through practical tests. But the chemistry practical test can be a pretty challenging one. If you are soon to partake in such exams, learn some hacks on using devices such as the single test tube holder and other items, especially the ones used in titration. With these tips on taking on the chemistry practical test, you are sure to ace it.

  • There are usually names of laboratory items and tips on using them on the back of your chemistry books. Look them up and apply them in your exam.
  • Take your time during the exam, read the instructions carefully and think about what you need to do before actually doing it.
  • Inspect your items before use. You may be given damaged materials with breaks and chips that can cause spills.
  • In titrating, use your left hand on the burette to let tiny drops out and your right hand on your solution.
  • Always handle your test tubes and beakers with care. Don’t directly touch anything with hot liquid or chemicals in it.
  • Glass tubes, pipettes and rods are easy to break. Don’t use too much force with them, wear gloves and twist them into place instead of using other motions.
  • Label your work!

And don’t forget to make your safety a priority. Always wear personal protective equipment such as a lab gown, gloves and goggles. Chemicals can be hazardous when they come in contact with your bare skin. Don’t suffer the consequences of handling them without the proper gear.

Once you’re done with your exam, help out and clean the items used. Some schools have their own portable autoclave machine for items that need sterilizing and autoclaving. If you know how to use the device, offer your assistance.

Otherwise, you can clean the things you used as you would others, or use Cidex solution if you must.

Practical tests are a part of every student’s life. You don’t have to stress to much about it like some students do. Study, practice and use the tips above and you will soon pass with flying colors.

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