Alcohol, Blood, Love, and Monsters: What We Fear

How we hated when our parents would get a piece of COTTON ROLL, pour alcohol on it to change the dressing of our wounds. Flashbacks right? Despite being a helpful liquid, we all have this innate fear of ALCOHOL due to our painful experiences with it.

Fear is described as the point where we find something or someone quite terrifying due to the fact that they may cause us harm.

You, me, them… there are no exceptions. Even animals have their own sets of fears. When we talk about scary things, the common word that pops out of our mind is the word phobia.

On average, the common phobias of people are heights, snakes, spiders, monsters and ghosts, blood, needles, and many more. There are also “emotional phobias” like fear of falling in love, commitments, rejection, abandonment, and fear of crowds.

If we’ll look back at our childhood, there were instances when we got wounded. Remember that time when you screamed your lungs out when Hydrogen Peroxide or POVIDONE IODINE were poured on your wound?

There are also certain people that really want to donate blood but because of their fear of blood and needles, they tend to not do it. Just the sight of a BT KIT or a sharp TERUMO NEEDLE would make some people hysterical, or worst case scenario, faint.

Emotion related phobias are quite funny to hear but it’s real. Some people would tend to avoid having intimate relationships with people due to the fact that they have terrible and painful memories that caused them to lose the ability to trust. Some of which are, they experienced rejections, people toyed with their feelings,  they were abandoned, or they were cheated on.

Fear is something that is a part of human nature. It’s what makes us human. It’s what send chills down to our spine. It’s what sends us running. But fear is not always negative. When we fear, it only means that we have something to inspire or to motivate us to bulk up and to strengthen ourselves in order for us to stand firm on our ground. We also get this drive to conquer our fear no matter what.

So when you have something that truly terrifies you, face it… conquer it. Don’ run away from it.

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