Join the Fight Against Drugs, Equip Your Clinic with the Reliable Drug Testing Kit DUAL (Met/Thc), BLUE SCREEN

There is never a better time to join the government’s war on drugs than now. With many big names in the Philippines who are connected to these illegal substances being arrested, as well as small-time drug syndicates serving time behind bars, we should do our part to help out. So, aside from prompt reporting of

What Your First Aid Kit (FA0001) Can Do For An Unconscious Person In An Emergency

Unconsciousness is a medical emergency that requires immediate care. This situation can include those who are in a comatose state and those suffering from altered mental status. And if they aren’t treated right away, the situation can result to a life-threatening condition and may be the cause of the patient’s death. So, when you see

Early Detection of Sexually Transmitted Diseases Using HIV Test Plate, BLUE SCREEN and Syphilis Test Plate

Sexually transmitted diseases are some of those conditions that no one wants anyone else to know about. The stigma it brings can crush a person’s self esteem and destroy his future. Thus, many avoid medical centers and diagnostic exams to detect such diseases and keep things to themselves to avoid being judged. Thankfully, with home

Why Taking the Hepa A Test HAV (IgG/IgM), SD Bioline is Important

There are many laboratory tests that people should not skip out on, especially when they are experiencing signs and symptoms of serious diseases. And one test that people should place particular attention on is the Hepa A Test HAV (IgG/IgM), SD Bioline, as well as the Hepa B Test. Why? As much as diabetics monitor

Airborne Viral Infections and the Need for Facemask Carbon Earloop, 50’s

The world has really evolved as we know it, and with it come new diseases, some of which have no known cure or treatments just yet. So, to be on the safe side, many of the world’s population has stocked up on facemask carbon earloop, 50’s that they wear in and outside of their homes

Dealing with Out Patients: Vital Sign taking with tools like Infrared Ear Thermometer and More

The out-patient department (OPD) nurse sits on her revolving stool with wheels (heavy duty) as she waits for patients to come in. It’s relatively a slow day because the room is only half filled. Normally a public hospital with an OPD in some places would be filled to the brim. But the problem is the

Where to Find Medical Supplies, such as the Ear Thermometer, SURGITECH ET-101H, for Your Personal Needs

Wouldn’t it be good to have a complete set of medical items, such as the ear thermometer SURGITECH ET-101H, and especially a first aid kit, at home? With the right knowledge and skill in using such items, you can save a life in emergency situations without the need for medical assistance, which can sometimes arrive

OB Tools: Sims Uterine Curette 12 1/2” and Its Purpose

Knowing about certain medical instruments is a must for people who want to enter the medical field. And having these tools for themselves is a great way to learn about them and practice their use. This is why many medical students get their own instruments for educational purposes. And one of these items is the

What Happens During Surgery – The Scrub Nurse behind the Facemask

You know you’re the scrub nurse when you worry about the simple things in the OR such as checking the operating room light (ceiling type 5 bulbs OR light) You know you’re the scrub nurse when you worry about the simple things in the OR such as checking the operating room light (ceiling type 5

Be Ready for Any Emergency – Prepping your First Aid Kit (FA0001)

2018 has been a bumpy year for most people with all the calamities, riots and what not that may require breaking out the first aid kit (FA0001) and treating a couple of scrapes or two. Time to restock again because who knows, 2019 might even be a bumpier year. Let’s look at the basic and