Safety Tips on Transporting Patients Using a Wheelchair and Other Transport Tools

Transporting a patient, especially during a medical emergency, is definitely one of the most challenging tasks for a medical personnel. You not only have to think about the patient’s safety and medical condition, but you also have to act quickly in order to get to the right facility at the soonest time possible. Moreover, there

Why Do I have Diabetes? How can Glucose Strips, CONTOUR TS (50’S) Help Me?

It is estimated that more than 425 million people worldwide are living with diabetes. And it is one of the leading causes of death today. But do people know why they have such a serious disease? And how can regular monitoring of blood sugar at home using a glucometer with glucose strips, CONTOUR TS (50’s)

Glucose Strips, BLUE CARE (25’s) and The Dangers of Not Using it to Monitor Blood Sugar when You have Diabetes

Diabetes is a serious disease. In fact, it is one of the leading causes of death worldwide. And many with this condition put great importance on managing their disease so it does not lead to grave consequences. But what if you don’t monitor your blood sugar with a glucometer and glucose strips, BLUE CARE (25’s)?

What You Should Know About Diabetes and the GCU 3in1 Monitor EASYTOUCH

Diabetes is one of the leading causes of death worldwide. And its prevalence has caused nationwide leaders to act quickly and find a way to control the disease so its negative consequences can be prevented. One such way of effectively doing so is through regular monitoring of blood sugar with the help of the GCU

Control Your Diabetes with a Reliable Sugar Monitoring Kit: The GCHb 3in1 Monitor (Hemoglobin) EASYTOUCH

Having diabetes is one hard battle to fight. There are so many things to avoid, considerations to keep in mind and complications to prevent. But once you are aware of the things you need to do and follow through with it, you can live a normal life. And this is why you need the GCHb

Diagnose with a Syphilis Test, BLUE SCREEN Now and Prevent the Dangers of Untreated Syphilis

Sexually transmitted diseases like syphilis are one of the most common adult diseases today. They are easily transmitted from person to person and usually left to run their course without proper treatment. This is because of the negative stigma that a person is tagged with when diagnosing with such conditions. However, syphilis can be dangerous,

The Padded Board Splint (Orange): Understanding What It is Used for

With the countless different devices and equipment used in the medical field, it can be quite confusing what to reach for in times of emergency. This is why we need proper knowledge about such things, whether we are in the health industry or not, in order to be of help during serious situations. And the

Tips on Cleaning and Caring for Your Littmann Stethoscope and Using the Eartips, Littmann 40002

Having a Littmann stethoscope is a dream for many young people wanting a career in medicine. With the reputation and quality of different Littmann equipment, it is no wonder why many want to get their hands and own such devices. So, when you finally get your own Littmann stethoscope and the eartips, Littmann 40002, how

Join the Fight Against Drugs, Equip Your Clinic with the Reliable Drug Testing Kit DUAL (Met/Thc), BLUE SCREEN

There is never a better time to join the government’s war on drugs than now. With many big names in the Philippines who are connected to these illegal substances being arrested, as well as small-time drug syndicates serving time behind bars, we should do our part to help out. So, aside from prompt reporting of

What Your First Aid Kit (FA0001) Can Do For An Unconscious Person In An Emergency

Unconsciousness is a medical emergency that requires immediate care. This situation can include those who are in a comatose state and those suffering from altered mental status. And if they aren’t treated right away, the situation can result to a life-threatening condition and may be the cause of the patient’s death. So, when you see